From a humble beginning with home brewing back in 2004, in May 2020 we got all the approvals in place and could finally brew the first batch in the basement of the Bank. From brewing in various kitchens, laundry cellars and various terraces, we had long had a desire to get a permanent and professional brewery. When Banken in Heidal came up for sale, we saw the opportunity to realize both the brewery dream and open a natural gathering point and eatery in the center of Heidal.

The beers we have brewed so far are a mix of the most successful brews from previous years and new beers and recipes. The beauty of such a small brewery is that we can experiment and expand the range as we wish, and the beer is only available here.

Hope it tastes good!

Juices Christ

Heavenly drops from above...

New England IPA - A newer variant
of IPA that emerged on the East Coast
of the United States. A cloudy and "juicy"
beer. Less bitter than regular
IPA, but much fruitier. as more
hops are added late in the boil
and in the fermentation tank to bring out
a lot of flavor and aroma. American
hop types that give tropical flavors
such as mango, passion fruit,
citrus, etc.
Goes well with spicy Asian
dishes including chili
and coriander.

Large-scale sin

Dark blond Belgian

Light Belgian beer made with
traditional abbey yeast
which gives the characteristic,
Belgian flavor. Belgian
yeast types often impart fruitiness
and a touch of spice to the
beer. In Belgian beers,
it is the flavor of the yeast that is
the focus - milder hop character.
Little bitterness and hop aroma.
Goes well with light-colored meats and

Tri Tyste Kare

Frankincense, gold and myrrh in liquid form

Christmas brown lager or bayer -
Dark, golden lager. Not very prominent
hops and low fruitiness.
Good malty richness and sweetness and often
hints of caramel.
Goes well with mild cheeses, meat dishes
such as steaks and casseroles.

White X-Mas

Wishfull drinking

Weizenbock - Dark, wheat beer from
Bavaria, Germany. Moderate
bitterness, strong malt character,
caramelized and sweet on the palate.
The German yeast types used
in weissbier give marked
fruitiness to the beer. Higher
fermentation temperature gives more
fruit esters to the beer.
Typical characteristic flavors in
German wheat beers are banana and cloves.